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Save Money, Improve Uptime With UPS Consolidation

Power BackUPSolutions specializes in the consolidation of uninterruptible power systems (UPSs), which helps organizations to significantly enhance efficiency, achieve cost savings and improve business continuity during power outages. By incorporating modular and scalable UPSs that grow with a company, consolidation optimizes your power protection investment and makes better use of UPS resources.

Why Consolidate?

  • Modular, scalable power protection solution grows with your organization
  • Pay-as-you-grow approach enables you to start as small as 3kVA and expand over time
  • Eliminates the need to purchase a second, more costly UPS when your capacity requirements increase
  • Facilitates easier management through centralized solution
  • Improves overall reliability and uptime
  • Reduces cooling requirements

Conversely, when companies take a segmented approach to data center upgrade planning —purchasing UPSs only as equipment is added —a number of problems can arise. As time goes on, this method often leaves data center managers with inefficient power systems that are difficult to maintain and daunting to improve. Decentralized UPS installations also tend to strand capacity, resulting in more UPSs than are needed while increasing the amount of heat produced, which in turn necessitates additional cooling. Furthermore, without a reliable method of monitoring and managing the battery life of the multitude of small UPSs, when a power outage occurs, the connected equipment is likely to crash if the batteries are dead or weak — resulting in costly and potentially devastating downtime.

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