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Easily manage and monitor your network even in virtualized environments

Eaton’s Intelligent Power® Software (IPS) Suite is included free of charge with all Eaton UPSs. Integrating with VMware, Microsoft®, Red Hat® and Xen®,IPS provides all of the tools needed to monitor and manage powerdevices across the network, even in virtualized environments. The innovative software solution combines the most critical applications to ensure system uptime and data integritywith power monitoring and management, as well as graceful shutdown during an extended power outage — something other UPS manufacturers may claim but ultimately fail to deliver. The suite encompasses two software programs, Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) and Intelligent Power Protector (IPP). IPM supervisory software enables monitoring and management of multiple power and environmental devices across the network from a single interface, while IPP provides graceful, automatic shutdown of network devices. Live migrations can be triggered to transparently move virtual machines to an available server on the network, for data integrity and zero downtime.

The software’s integration with popular virtualization platforms like vCenter™ helps data center managers enhance uptime, productivity and operational responsiveness, while reducing infrastructure and operating costs. In addition to providing the ability to view critical information on power and environmental devices IPS allows users to instantly access vital information such as UPS battery conditions, load levels and runtime.

Power BackUPSolutions also offers a wide range of Eaton Connectivity Cards that work with the software to provide network-wide management and monitoring across multiple sites.


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